Spotlight Feature:

CT DEEP Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) Approval

A new regional beneficial use option and site for upland placement of sediments is now available to private and public entities since a Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) was approved for the use of stabilized dredged materials by the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP). The BUD is for a brownfield and redevelopment site, located in Griswold CT, managed by Tipping Point’s exclusive Partner Green Earth Triangle, LLC.

Dredged material stabilized with Tipping Point’s Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) method was approved in December 2020 to provide high quality engineered fill from marine and freshwater sediments. The PFTM mixing technology has been used internationally for aquatic land reclamation and port development and commercialized in the United States by Tipping Point. Sediment Solidification/Stabilization is a well-established strategy for the treatment, dewatering and improvement of sediments for beneficial use applications.

Upland placement for ‘unsuitable’ dredged materials (typically associated with clays and silts) are scarce. Throughout the United States, and particularly in New England (CT, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire), this presents a regional challenge for clients to connect dredging projects with viable beneficial use options based on project timing, the location of available placement sites (and access), site redevelopment vision and re-purposing opportunities. By using amended sediments to support redevelopment, fallow and under-utilized sites can begin their transformation towards productive use.

A mixed use residential and commercial development is planned after the amended sediments are strategically placed. This will provide the proposed re-grading and environmental/structural capping necessary to safely redevelop the site.

Placement of Stabilized Dredged Material (SDM) at Green Earth Triangle, Griswold, CT

Conceptual redevelopment plan for mixed residential and commercial use with stabilized dredged material.