Sediment & Upland Soil Management

Tipping Point’s strategy for upland sediment beneficial use involves partnering with Brownfields, industrial properties, maritime Ports, and marinas to repurpose dredged sediments and catalyze economic development and revitalization.

Through the use of innovative treatment technologies and sediment stabilization techniques, dredged material can be applied to Brownfields as a means of capping and providing structural fill for site construction. Providing low-cost engineered fill for construction at these sites is an important step in the process of remediation and redevelopment. Using processed dredged material instead of virgin soils is a sustainable environmental management approach.

However, Brownfield revitalization is just one of many possible upland beneficial use applications for dredged material. The beneficial use of amended dredged material has been successfully implemented in many parts of the United States and globally. Stabilized sediments have historically been considered and/or utilized in a broad variety of infrastructure projects, including:

  • Road construction, as sub-base
  • Scour protection for maritime structures, including bridges and offshore wind turbines
  • Berm construction to protect shorelines prone to coastal or inland flooding
  • Land reclamation

Tipping Point is actively involved in raising awareness of the importance of Urban Sediment Management (USM). We utilize existing environmental programs (such as Superfund, Brownfields, RCRA, CSO, Watershed Management, NOAA, and HUD) to manage complementary visions, goals and objectives, driving sustainable and cost effective outcomes for communities and stakeholders.

Tipping Point stays current on beneficial use and applications and can make the connections necessary to “match” sediments with their best application. We work closely with engineering and environmental consultants, marine contractors, real estate developers, marinas, commercial/municipal facilities, and government and community stakeholders to facilitate solutions to complex sediment management challenges.