Sediment Stabilization Applications

The practitioners at Tipping Point have experience in the development, applied research, and application of ex-situ and in-situ stabilization techniques. We identify and scale stabilization technologies and services to best utilize amended sediments for beneficial use.

Our capabilities include:

  • Treatability testing for environmental and geotechnical design criteria
  • Ex-situ sediment stabilization treatment using the Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing Process (PFTM) for structural and non-structural fill
  • Shallow in-situ mixing
  • Application of alternative treatment technologies and processes
  • Bench / pilot / full-scale innovative sediment treatment demonstrations
  • Development of innovative sediment stabilization techniques, including optimization of binders for desired characteristics of beneficial use products
  • Design/build, permitting and regional strategic alignment of the PFTM for structural fill/capping beneficial use