Regulatory Permitting

In 2018, the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) authorized Tipping Point’s permit for the first Regional Dredged Material Manufacturing Facility (“RDMMF”) in the State of Connecticut. Click here to read the release.

Since then, Tipping Point has continued working with upland developers of Brownfield sites to identify properties that would benefit from the use of stabilized dredged material and assist in the regulatory permitting process.

In December 2020, the CT DEEP approved a Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) for dredged materials stabilized with Tipping Point’s Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) method. The BUD is for a brownfield and redevelopment site located in Griswold, Connecticut that is managed by Tipping Point’s exclusive partner, Green Earth Triangle, LLC. Click here to read the release.