Innovative Treatment Technologies

PNEUMATIC FLOW TUBE MIXING (PFTM), one of Tipping Point’s major offerings, is an innovative ex-situ stabilization process that can be used on land or on barges to stabilize sediments with Portland cement or other binders. The sediment-binder mixture is simultaneously homogenized and transported via pipeline to a placement site for beneficial use. PFTM’s enclosed system requires a small operational footprint and is capable of processing and pumping stabilized sediments up to 1 kilometer, or further with the use of booster pumps. The self-contained PFTM sediment stabilization process provides greater project design flexibility, lowers costs, reduces operational footprint requirements, accelerates sediment processing timelines, enhances project efficiency, and mitigates environmental exposure concerns.

TPRG has an Exclusivity Agreement with JAFEC USA, a leading Ground Improvement specialty contractor, for use of the patented PFTM stabilization tool and mixing process.  TPRG provides project development, sediment management interface with clients, regulatory expertise, and technical marketing of this unique system.

PFTM produces a high-quality engineered fill that meets performance criteria for a range of civil and environmental applications in the beneficial use space.  This includes the following:


  • Solidification/Stabilization of contaminated soft sediments
  • Dredged material management for upland innovative re-use or beneficial use
  • Remediation of historically contaminated sites (including Superfund)
  • Military installations and shipyards
  • Municipal Gas Plants
  • Landfill cap and cover
  • Structural caps for Brownfield remediation
  • Coastal restoration and shoreline protection
  • Dam restoration


  • Land reclamation
  • Bulkhead back-fill
  • Road sub-base
  • Berm construction
  • Trench filling
  • Structural and non-structural fill
  • Shallow ground improvement
  • Liquefaction mitigation and dynamic response improvement

In Japan, PFTM has been used to process over 20M cubic yards of sediment for the construction of airports and land reclamation. Tipping Point has exclusivity for the deployment of PFTM in the United States.