Dogs of Tipping Point


Born in August 2020, Finn is our youngest, energetic, self-starter teammate. He is always ready to chew on new projects and explore new deposition opportunities. Finn’s keen desire for involvement brings creativity to our Zoom meetings. As a recent graduate of puppy kindergarten, Finn is looking forward to his summer internship at Tipping Point.

Dolly & Ozzy

Ozzy is a 9-year-old Golden Doodle and Dolly is a 6-year-old French Bulldog. There is no question that Dolly is in charge – it has been like that since Day One. Both Dolly and Ozzy are rescues, and Dolly is Tipping Point’s ever-popular shop dog. She loves spending time in the Tipping Point office, lapping up affection from our visitors and taking a good snooze.


Sparky, another senior member of the Tipping point team, is a mixed breed rescue who was adopted in 2007. Sparky’s passions include sleeping, eating, and barking, so he fits in well with the group. Though he may have slowed down in his old age, Sparky’s appetite certainly has not!


Morty is an old-fashioned lad who enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach. He is notorious for snuggling on the couch and snoring like a lumberjack.


One of Tipping Point’s highest-energy team members, Millie is frequently found digging holes or chasing squirrels and chipmunks. She is most enjoyable when she is sleeping.


Carson is a professional counter surfer turned Tipping Point team member. His passions include barking at leaves and chasing birds. Baked goods are Carson’s kryptonite.


A senior advisor with 13 years of experience, Doc runs our NY based team.  As a food-motivated team member, he eats his annual salary in the form of kibble and cucumbers.  Doc puts in 18-hour days of napping, circling, and napping some more.


Quinlan is our angel-dog who was present for the very beginning of Tipping Point. Even though he is no longer with us, we will always remember Quinlan’s work ethic, humanity, and good humor.