Who are we? Why do we care? Tipping Point Resources Group, LLC is a partnership of engineering, scientific, regulatory, and real estate practitioners. Our expertise is in dredged material and sediment management, innovative treatment technologies, and upland brownfield development and revitalization. We work across the Port-commerce, government, maritime, industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors to offer creative, implementable, and cost-effective solutions for sustainable sediment management.

Tipping Point was formed in 2016 with the purpose of developing innovative management solutions for dredged material deemed unsuitable for aquatic placement. Our inaugural mission was to assist the Port commerce and maritime community in need of dredged material placement alternatives at critical junctures, or Tipping Points; moments that all too often result in paralysis or missed opportunities. Since then our mission has expanded to other repurposing applications, including non-contaminated sediments, mine tailings, and coal combustion residuals, with the broader goal of reclaiming and repurposing other media for engineering use.

Our strategy blends lifecycle sediment treatment with upland dredged material placement for beneficial use. This positions our clients to catalyze economic development and urban revitalization; moving beyond the Tipping Point to balance current challenges and leverage future opportunities.

Tipping Point’s diverse portfolio of global business interests and sediment management projects currently includes:

  • Large-scale upland beneficial use applications
  • Regulatory permitting for upland placement sites
  • Berm and road base geotechnical design
  • Stabilized sediment applications for coastal resilience

We are active participants in the international sediment management space, which fosters technical transfer among sediment practitioners in government, academia, Ports, and consulting. Tipping Point has collaborated with the Central European Union Dredging Association (CEDA) to produce Position Papers for promoting the beneficial use of using impacted sediments. We are also active participants in the European Union SedNet research group.