Tipping Point transforms sediment management “challenges” into opportunities

Dynamic regulatory and infrastructure needs, combined with a global push toward circular economies, have bolstered the need for adaptive sediment management and beneficial use.

Our experience in innovative treatment technologies and geotechnical evaluations specific to sediment management, combined with multi-media disciplines, is complemented by multidisciplinary government, academic, industry, and consulting expertise. Together, these strengths help make the most of every project’s unrealized potential.  Tipping Point’s diverse portfolio of global business interests and sediment management projects currently includes:

  • Development of upland beneficial use applications to capture unrealized opportunities
  • Regulatory interface and permitting for upland placement sites, including sediment Beneficial Use Determinations (BUD)
  • Geotechnical evaluations to support sediment beneficial use opportunities
  • Berm and road base geotechnical design
  • Stabilized sediment applications for coastal resilience
  • International collaboration in sediment management with expansion of knowledge bases
  • Project development and scoping of Regional Dredged Material Manufacturing Facilities (RDMMF).

Tipping Point works with a broad client base, including:

  • Marine Contractors
  • Global Engineering Consultants
  • Governments and NGO’s
  • Commercial and Private Maritime Industries
  • Academia
  • Trade Organizations

Tipping Point’s mission is to promote the reclamation and repurposing of sediments as a valuable engineering resource.  Innovative beneficial use of sediments can drive sustainable economic growth; this is what excites us at Tipping Point.