Tipping Point transforms sediment management “challenges” into opportunities

Dynamic regulatory and infrastructure needs, combined with a global push toward circular economies, have bolstered the need for adaptive sediment management and beneficial use. Tipping Point’s mission is to reclaim and repurpose sediment as a valuable engineering resource – not as a waste.

We pair innovative treatment technologies with multidisciplinary industry expertise to help make the most of every project’s unrealized potential. Tipping Point’s diverse portfolio of global business interests and sediment management projects currently includes:

  • Large-scale upland beneficial use applications
  • Regulatory permitting for upland placement sites
  • Expansion of Port commerce and maritime infrastructure
  • Dam restoration by sediment removal and beneficial use
  • Berm and road base geotechnical design
  • Stabilized sediment applications for coastal resilience and offshore wind energy


CT DEEP Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) Approval

A new regional beneficial use option and site for upland placement of sediments is now available to private and public entities. In December 2020, the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) approved a Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) for dredged materials stabilized with Tipping Point’s Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) method. The BUD is for a brownfield and redevelopment site located in Griswold, Connecticut that is managed by Tipping Point’s exclusive partner, Green Earth Triangle, LLC.

Existing site conditions for beneficial use and economic revitalization

Conceptual redevelopment plan with stabilized dredged material

Tipping Point’s Service Areas

Innovative Technologies

Tipping Point utilizes innovative treatment technologies, such as Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) to produce high-quality engineered fill that meets performance criteria for a range of civil and environmental applications. These include landfill cap and cover, bulkhead back-fill, road sub-base, shoreline protection, and shallow ground improvement.

Sediment Stabilization

The practitioners at Tipping Point are experienced in the development, applied research, and application of ex-situ and in-situ stabilization techniques. We work with our clients to identify and scale the stabilization technologies and services that best utilize amended sediments for beneficial use.

Urban Sediment & Upland Soil Management

Tipping Point takes pride in its mission of repurposing sediments that otherwise would be perceived as a waste. Typically, this is achieved through the beneficial use of dredged material. We collaborate with stakeholders across the public, private, and government sectors to catalyze the revitalization and restoration of upland Brownfields, industrial properties, maritime Ports, and distressed marinas.

Program Support

Tipping Point provides support for the various developmental and implementation stages of sediment management programs. This includes processing and handling sediment and soils, construction management and coordination, designing lifecycle management programs specific to project visions, interfacing with regulators and consultants, strategizing stakeholder and public outreach, and coordinating transportation logistics.